About Us

       [Him] Rob  As a Long Island, NY. native I feel blessed to be living only 20 miles away from NYC and a stones throw away from the beach.  It's my proximity to both that provides me with constant inspiration and has helped cultivate my way of life. I’ve always been passionate about fashion, music, and design, and after running my family’s paper business for the past 10 years I’ve decided to open up a shop and start living my passion.

I’m a menswear enthusiast, surfer, lover of music and coffee, traveler, crossfitter, and suffer from taco addiction.

My motto:  Dress for Life.

       [Her] Nicole  I love life and I live for experiences. I am moved and inspired by interesting people, music, food, art and fashion and I travel the world in search of these things. I’ve spent most of my adult life in the fashion industry as a sales rep and co-founder of a contemporary tee shirt line. I’ve seen the good, the glamorous and the ugly sides of the wholesale apparel biz and I am ready (and beyond excited) to begin a new chapter in retail! I want to bring everything I know to the people that give these things life ...YOU!

Follow our blog for fun fashion updates, styling tips and peek into what’s in store.

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